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Montessori Cultural Education and Science

Cultural studies help the child gain knowledge and understanding of the world. The topics the kids will study are botany, zoology, geography and history.

Reasons for Cultural Studies

❖ Learn to treat the environment with respect

❖ Understand and appreciate the ecological balance of life in the planet

❖ Understand and become aware of the great inter-independence between living things

❖ Develop his / her observational skills through the use of his / her five senses

❖ Learn to classify, identify, match, sort, name and compare

❖ Learn to measure, arrange objects in sequence by length, weight and volume

❖ Learn to communicate. Able to express concepts and use words accurately to describe an event or action

❖ Learn to make predictions. Develop skills of thinking systematically and logically about what might happen next

❖ Divergent thinker, questioning, experimentation, problem solving, sense of inquiry

❖ Positive and caring attitude to the physical natural environment

❖ Appreciation of the application and usefulness of science

Terminology cards – Identifying animals’ bodies

Jigsaw puzzles of animals

History - Experiment with pre-historic timeline ‘The Fossils’

Cultural Table : Display of pre-history timeline dinosaurs and volcano

Nature Table – Display of fruit and vegetables model (Thematic Teaching)

Botany – Collection of flowers model

Zoology – Large Picture Cards of Wild Animals and Their Habitat

Cultural studies – multicultural clothes

Cultural studies - festival

Science Studies - Mixing Colors

Little scientist – experimenting mixing colors

Science Studies - Volcano Eruption


Our distinctive Montessori approach embodying the prepared environment, specialized Montessori teaching materials and developmentally appropriate early childhood programmes offer a safe, supportive and culturally diverse environment for all young preschool learners.


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