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Montessori Practical Life Exercises

The Practical Life area is of great importance in the Montessori classroom. The Practical Life exercises are designed to teach children life skills.

Practical life provides the opportunity for purposeful work and will assist children in their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development underlined in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. The Practical Life exercises provide a wholesome range of activities that allows your child to develop control and coordination of the movement awareness of his / her environment, good work habits, responsibility, concentration, attention, independence, order and positive self-image, which can be attained by spontaneous and purposeful work.

Benefits of Practical Life Exercises

❖ To grow in self knowledge

❖ Develop the child’s concentration

❖ Develop fine and gross motor skills

❖ Help children towards independence

❖ To establish order

❖ Develop a good self-image

❖ Appreciate and understand the limits of his / her environment

❖ Aid the child in his construction

Spooning beans from a bowl to 2 unequal containers

Screwing and unscrewing bottle caps

Clothes pegs

Dressing frame – Large buttons

Transferring – chopstick

Care of Environment - Brush and Dustpan

Pouring water from jug to 2 equal containers

Transfer water with a sponge

Threading with small beads


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