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Montessori Language

The language programme in Montessori involves the use of phonetic. Phonetic means ‘the sound’ and therefore children in the Montessori environment learn to read by learning the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. The sounds of the letter of the alphabet are taught by using the sandpaper letters.

There are 4 stages in the acquisition of language in Montessori:

❖ The Pink Scheme - (restricted to two or three letter phonetic), children are first taught the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Once the child is familiar with the sounds, the Large Movable Alphabet (LMA) to form words. The word-building exercise is the cornerstone in the Montessori language program. Children learn new vocabulary. The Large Movable Alphabet (LMA) alerts the child to the sequence of sounds in a word and more importantly it prepares the child for future reading and writing.

❖ The Blue Scheme – the child starts reading longer phonetic words. The child is also introduced to the sentence card and reading booklet at this point.

❖ The Green Scheme – phonograms are introduced. Words are carefully chosen so that you will only find one phonogram in a word or sentence. This is to ensure that we empower children to read words immediately after teaching a phonogram. Children are also very confident that they can read any phonogram boxes once they have been told the sounds of the phonograms.

❖ Grammar – in this section, further reinforcement of phonics is done : through the farm game. Children are unconsciously learning part of speech. They unconsciously absorbed nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs through the farm game. They begin building sentences or phrases.

Sentence Cards

Large Movable Alphabets - finding letters to match objects (initial sound)

Pink Object Box – name, read & match word cards to corresponding objects

Blue Object Box – Longer Phonetic Words Building Exercises

Green Scheme – Phonogram Words Building Exercises


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