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Montessori Sensorial Education

Maria Montessori mentioned that the first of the child’s organs to begin functioning are his / her senses. The period of life between the ages of three and six years covers a period of rapid physical development. Nature has given us five senses : sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. By using the five senses, the child makes a mental order of his / her environment.

These activities are designed to reinforce the five senses to help guide the children in learning to discriminate, clarify and compare. Sensorial exercise help prepare for intellectual development in an orderly manner. The Sensorial materials and exercises present qualities such as color, form, dimension, sounds, weight, shape, texture, size and smell in and enjoyable way and are great fun for the children.

Why Sensorial Training is Important?

❖ Aids in the natural development of the child and gives the child a sense of self-identity and security within the learning environment. Every child has at least one sense they can rely on, even the handicapped children.

❖ Provides a basis for learning in and orderly manner that is needed for neurological and physiological development.

❖ The sensitive periods are transitory. Sense impressions are of long duration. The sensitive periods can be past, but once sensibility has been acquired it will be long lasting.

❖ Frequency of activity heightens the senses.

❖ Fosters concentration and thinking skills, which develop the mathematical mind.

❖ It is based on a logical learning sequence. It goes from the concrete to the abstract.

❖ Develops power of observation such as attention and concentration.

❖ Promotes auto-education or self-learning.

❖ Provides for aesthetic enjoyment.

❖ Offers the child the key to the nature of things.

The Knobbed Cylinders

The Pink Tower

The Knobbles Cylinders

The Broad Stairs

The Long Rods

Auditory Training – Sound Boxes
(matching the same sound)


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