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All children want to learn. With the freedom to investigate the world around them, they will become active learners.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Pre-K1 (aged 3+ to 4 years)

In our Montessori environment, children have the freedom (within limits) to choose their own activities. With this freedom of choice, children will become enthusiastic learners and this will aid them to develop self-discipline.

Here the child masters the skills he / she will need to begin both reading and writing. Children will spend individual time with Montessori Teachers in learning to correctly pronounce single sounds of the letter, thus preparing the child for reading and writing.

In this stage, the child can assemble words using the Large Movable Alphabets letters to describe pictures or objects and still able to read these words. The Language materials further prepare the child to read words quickly and easily enough to be able to comprehend short phrases or short sentences.

Through work and play, using Montessori didactic apparatus and other teaching materials, the children develop:

• Practical Living Skills

- Care of the environment : sweeping, cleaning and polishing
- Development of motor skills : spooning, dry and wet pouring, transferring, pegging, folding, cutting with scissors / with knife, sewing, pasting and threading
- Care of self : personal hygiene – washing, brushing, combing, cleaning and dressing / undressing
- Social grace and courtesy : grooming, greeting, apologizing and excusing one self, table manners and showing respect and care for others

• Sensory Motor Skills - the five senses

- sight : knobbed cylinders, pink tower, broad stairs, long rods, knobbles cylinders, color tablets, identifying environmental colors
- touch : touch boards, stereognostic materials, concept of cool, cold, warm
- taste : tasting food / drinks, concept of sweet, sour, bitter, salty
- smell : smelling bottles, identifying environmental smell
- hearing : sound boxes, musical instruments, identifying environmental sounds

• Early Language Skills (3 Languages)

- English Jolly Phonics : Learning letter sounds, learning the letter formation, blending, identifying sounds in words, reading 3 letter phonetic words
- Bahasa Malaysia : Learning suku kata and reading
- Mandarin : Learning strokes, ‘Bi Shun’, recognizing single words and phrases, reader books

• Early Mathematical Skills

- Introduction to numerals, sequencing skills, written symbols
- Sandpaper numerals, number rods, spindle box, number cards and counters
- Matching numerals to quantities using number cards and counters
- Introduction to recording : simple addition and subtraction using Short Beads Stairs and counters

• Cultural Studies & Early Science Skills

- Studies of the Nature, Zoology, Botany and Geography
- Introducing collections of models, large pictures, jigsaw puzzles of animals, plants and flowers
- Learning life-cycle of animals, plants and flowers
- Learning of the globe, map of the world, various continents and oceans
- Learning the Three Elements : air, water, land (land and water forms)
- Learning time line, calendar and seasons of the world

• Other Activities (these are also included in age groups 3+ to 6 years of preschool learning)

- Music and Movement
- Moral Values and Personal Safety Skills
- Physical Exercise and Health Education
- Outdoor : water play, sand play, bubble
- Creativity and Aesthetics : art & crafts, painting, blocks play, cooking and gardening

Each child is unique and develops at his / her own way through development stages and different learning styles.

Dr. Maria Montessori

K1 (Age 5)

The Montessori environment is child-centred. Children progress at their own paces. Lessons are given on individual basis or in small groups. This enables the teacher to discover more about each individual child and their inner development.

Our programmes are fun filled, systematic and more effective to help children develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking skills. The contents are in line with the latest revised National Preschool Standard Curriculum (Kurikulum Standard Prasekolah Kebangsaan [KSPK] 2017). Infusions of contents that help build Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to encourage children to think critically and creatively.

The child will enjoy himself / herself, for there is interesting and attention grabbing learning in K1 through lessons such as cultural studies, cooking, science-based water play, sand play, shops, art and crafts, blocks play, role play, poem, story-telling sessions and many others.

To start off, where the learning was more concrete and indirect in Pre-K1, it becomes more abstract and direct in K1. Your child is expected to carry out a task to completion, demanding the child’s concentration and ability to stay at task.

English Language

By learning the key essential phonics skills rapidly, the children gain confidence, become affluent readers exploring different text types and produce more independent writing earlier.

In the Montessori Language – Blue Scheme, the child starts reading longer phonetic words. The child is also introduced to the sentence card and reading booklet at this point.

Jolly Grammar is the next stage – teaches spelling rules, plural endings, alphabetical order, punctuation and parts of speech. Children unconsciously absorbed nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs through the farm game. Here, they begin building sentences or phrases.

Bahasa Malaysia

Children will further enhance their Bahasa skills through varied interesting contents to make learning fun and engaging. They will learn to listen to and response to stories, read simple phrases, simple sentences, write words, phrases and sentences in legible print.


Children learn through vocabulary (reading), songs and poems recitation, and learning ‘Pin Yin’ and writing words in legible print.


Children will be introduced to the intellectual skills for Mathematics work, leading to the understanding of the decimal system, giving concrete experience with units, tens, hundreds and thousands. Children will work with counters, beads and number rods to do simple addition and subtraction operations.

Activities that help develop mathematical and problem-solving skills include linear counting, learning names and written symbols and combining quantities 1-100 and other mathematical concepts of telling time: o’clock, half past, quarter past and hours.

A positive self-concept is the foundation for learning success.

Dr. Maria Montessori

K2 (Age 6)

The child’s self-esteem is central to Montessori education. The first six years of life lay the foundation for many of the knowledge bases and skill required for successful school adjustment and later adult competence. Making sure all young children enter school healthy and prepared to succeed, and that all schools are ready to help every child succeed, are critical to the future success of our community, religion, and nation.

Children who have successful preschool experience are better prepared to start school. At Tadika Suria Aman, we believe in providing an all round learning environment which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. All these skills are important to enhance children’s transition into Year 1 of the elementary school. Children with higher level of school readiness experience a smoother transition with satisfactory progress during the early years of formal schooling.

At Tadika Suria Aman, we recognize the importance of having the right tools and resources that can guide children through the process of defining the student readiness for Year 1 elementary school.

The children develop English Language literacy skills further. During classes, children are exposed to games / language related activities, poem recitation, description of objects and labeling activity, new spelling patterns as well as using the Montessori Language materials.

Children will continue to learn more phonograms through Phonic reading series. The grammar and comprehension workbook used was compiled carefully so that learning is simple. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns are made easy for the children to understand. Then there is the Language Workbook, which teaches the children further sentence development about the usage of tenses, compound words and comprehension skills. These will surely help enrich their learning and keep them wanting more.

Bahasa Malaysia

The activities planned in Pre-Primary learning are comprehensive and systematic, with great emphasis in acquiring and mastering reading, writing and arithmetic skills (3R’s). Children will learn how to listen to and respond to oral texts, construct simple sentences and reading with comprehension.


Reinforce more exposures to vocabulary reading and ‘Pin Yin’. Introduction of ‘Bu Shou’. Children gain experiences and becoming more familiar and competence with writing of words, phrases and sentences in legible print.


Children will be introduced to more operation of decimal system – addition, subtraction, multiplication and simple division using beads, small number rods and stamp game. At the same time they are introduced to recording and gradually transit to abstraction to help the child internalize the function of arithmetic.


Children will also be introduced to fun-filled Discovering Science Programme to ignite children’s curiosity of the world around them; developing scientific skills and to give a strong foundation of basic science concepts in preparation for formal schooling. Activities include learning standards of experimenting with materials, stating an observation orally, and record result of observations, compare and contrast.


Our distinctive Montessori approach embodying the prepared environment, specialized Montessori teaching materials and developmentally appropriate early childhood programmes offer a safe, supportive and culturally diverse environment for all young preschool learners.


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